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Getting the Best Structured Settlement Quote for Your Structured Settlement Annuity

You can look for a structured settlement quote and sell your personal injury annuity if you are desperate to get hold of a large amount of money as soon as possible.

For many people who are in receipt of structured settlement payments, it can be exasperating to know that you have all that money locked away and be unable to get your hands on it all at once, and this state of affairs often leads to the question: “How can I sell my structured settlement?”

The answer is that it is actually quite simple to sell a personal injury annuity provided you have a genuine reason for doing so. Reasons for selling could include medical bills that need paying, a requirement to put a down payment on a new home, education fees etc.

There are dozens of companies you can contact to obtain a structured settlement quote free of charge, so go ahead and start calling round.

Identifying the best quotes

It’s easy to obtain quotes for a structured settlement, but identifying the best ones can be more difficult. 

Each offer you receive will be different, and they may or may not include legal fees, handling fees and other hidden fees, so you need to look at all of the offers you obtain very carefully indeed. If you are inexperienced in financial matters, it would be better to hire a lawyer or have a friend who is good with figures take a look for you.

Identifying a trustworthy company

One thing that may give you an insight into the reliability of any structured settlement quote you receive is the company’s reputation.

You can contact the Better Business Bureau or your local authorities to see if any complaints have been made against a particular company in the past.

Steer clear of those with a long list of unhappy companies.  A really professional structured settlement company may even take the time to analyze your reasons for selling and advise you whether or not selling is a smart idea or not – not something any cowboy operator would do!

Lastly, any reputable company will look at your case and let you know if you there is a realistic chance of a judge agreeing to the structured settlement sale.

Again, a somewhat shadier company would be unlikely to do this, instead they will just keep on reassuring you that nothing can go wrong, while pressing you to make a decision as soon as possible.

Final considerations

Before rushing into any sale, decide how much money you really need out of this transaction. If you only require a modest amount of money to pay off a credit card bill, then you probably don’t need to sell your entire annuity.

It is possible to sell just a portion of your structured settlement, so you have the option of telling the company how much you need from the transaction.

Let them work out the specifics, like how much of the annuity they will need to purchase, it is their job after all.

Once you have settled on a quote, the rest of the transaction should be plain sailing.

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